Canada: A People’s History (2 episodes)

The first two episodes of this 17-episode, 32-hour documentary television series on the history of Canada that first aired on CBC Television in 2000 and 2001, are of particular interest to comprehend the history of the beginnings of New-France. They mention Champlain. Canada’s history is told through the words of people involved sometimes with actors, other times with voiceovers over images and film.

Episode 1: When the World Began... (15,000 BC to 1800 AD)
Aboriginal oral history is the source of stories of foundation myths as well of the first contact with Europeans.

Episode 2: Adventurers and Mystics (1540 to 1670)
The search for the Northwest Passage and the expansion of the Grand Banks fishery brings permanent European colonies in Newfoundland and along the St. Lawrence. Champlain’s explorations lead to the creation of New-France. It’s precarious beginnings are marked by many alliances and conflicts.

A web site presents more information about the series.
The site offers educational resources for elementary and for high school teachers.
Follow the link for this lesson which focuses on three chapters of Episode 2: Adventures and Mystics: Champlain's Gamble, The Price of Friendship, and A Frenchman in Huronia.

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