Drawing the Encounter: Children’s Stories of Champlain and the Anishinabe (digital exhibit)

This exhibit reflects on a selection of school children’s drawings depicting their imaginings of the Encounter to consider the legacy of the dominant colonial narrative surrounding this historical moment that continues to inform Canadian consciousness.

How do Canadians imagine the 1613 Encounter? How have Canadians been conditioned to imagine French explorer Samuel de Champlain’s first contact with Anishinabe people and their journey together up the Ottawa River? What myths and symbols have been ingrained into this collective imagination?
Credits : Sara Nixon

The exhibit is presented in 6 parts :
Introduction: Drawing A Story of the 1613 Encounter
A Story Set in Nature
Depicting the Characters of the Story
A Story of Two Worlds Meeting
Telling a Story Through the Canoe
Conclusions: Reflecting on the Story

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