Living in Canada in the Time of Champlain: 1600-1635

This virtual exhibit pertaining to the explorations and experiences of Champlain in New-France, is the work of curator Jean-Pierre Chrestien and archaeologists Jacques Guimont and Françoise Niellon, of Canadian museum of history's Virtual Museum of New-France .

The exhibit features ilustrations, photos, maps and excerpts from Champlain’s writings. There is a table of contents for the site that is easy to consult.

The site contains the following sections: Historical Context • Chronology • Biography• His Works • His Maps • Reading

More information is presented by theme:

1. Exploring:
•Canada - Land of Plenty!
•The Birchbark Canoe
•Exploring the Ottawa River
•Champlain’s Astrolabe

2. Building:
•Champlain, the Builder
•The Quebec Settlement:
•A Page of Historical Archaeology by Françoise Niellon
•Tools and Materials
•The Residence of the Viceroy’s Lieutenant
•The Trading Post
•The Fort

3. Warfare
•The First Battle against the Iroquois
•Weapons and Armour:
•Arquebuses and Muskets
•Bullets and Gun Flints
•The Privilege of the Sword

4. Commerce
•The Fur Trade
•The Trade Monopoly
•Trade Goods

5. Farming
•The Cap Tourmente Farm by Jacques Guimont

6. Daily Life
•Champlain’s "Order of Good Cheer"
•"Roll out the Barrel!"
•A Pitcher of Wine or a Jug of Cider?
•Pewter Ware or Earthenware?
•Native Foods

7. The Last Voyage

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