The New World of Champlain web series (7 episodes)

This web series is made up of 7, 30-minute episodes. Originally produced in French, it has been translated and the episodes can be viewed on YouTube.

The series, suitable for students 12 years and older, presents in detail with images and voice-over narration, Samuel de Champlain’s two journeys in Ontario (1613 and 1615-1616). You meet the fascinating people described by Champlain himself.
At the same time, two real-life young Franco-Ontarians, Julie, an Aboriginal descendant, and Kundera, who has African roots, tell their stories and talk about the French-language communities of Ontario today and their relation to Champlain.

See the episodes on YouTube at:

For a short description of the 7 episodes, download the PDF document by clicking below.

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