CBC News In Depth: Champlain Anniversary

Alison Hancock, CBC News Online, March 5, 2004

This website relates the life and journeys of Samuel de Champlain. It has a practical chronology, many images and proposes questions of interest.

The site is divided in 12 categories:
1. Introduction
2. Acadia 1604
3. Biography: Samuel de Champlain, father of New France
4. Deceiving appearance: Champlain's portrait
5. Timeline
6. Unsettling disasters: colonizing New France before 1600
7. Tadoussac: 1603
8. In his own words: Samuel de Champlain
9. How French settlement affected Mi'kmaq people
10. The Acadian perspective
11. Interactive map
12. Photo gallery: 8 photos of the 350th anniversary of the arrival of Samuel de Champlain and Pierre du Gua de Monts in Acadia in Saint John, New Brunswick.


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